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We are an IT outsourcing company customized to meet your specific requirements in themodeling and texturing world of the game and film industry.

  • Knights suitRealistic Characters

    The creation of game characters of different details by the requirements for further animation may be limited solely by the client. Sculptures of any complexity, understudies of the main characters, stylization, and the most difficult tasks are our profile.

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  • RoomEnvironment

    Environmental artists make fantastic places in which games can be played. They create fantasy landscapes - spooky dungeons and moody wastelands - and real-world places like offices and playgrounds. They often start with 2D art created by a concept artist and turn it into a believable environment in 3D.

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  • Car Ford3D Vehicles

    We produce equipment according to drawings and photographs after a detailed study of all the nuances of the object, which allows us to achieve perfect similarity and engineering accuracy. We have dozens of aircraft of various types and equipment on our account.

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  • Wooden wagonRealistic Props

    Due to the wide variety of props, games, and movies that look complete and diverse, our team is experienced in creating high-level objects, such as for the main character or an artifact, as well as simple secondary importance that serves to fill the space.

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  • WeaponRealistic 3D Weapons

    The history of creating tools throughout humanity from primitive to modern times is a fascinating topic for our fans of their craft. Here, we can provide the client with first-class assistance in creating authentic copies and copies for a completed project.

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  • AirplaneDevelopment

    The development team works closely with the art department and is always ready for new challenges, databases, payment systems binding, customization, and a combination of visual environment functionality.

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  • Dark HoleUX/UI design

    Thinking through logic is one of the most exciting processes at the first stages of the birth of applications, services, and games. After creating an intuitive interface, the creative framing of the logic begins, and a stylish and concise interface is designed per the style of the product.

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  • Movies


    With many years of experience in the film industry, we deeply understand its standards and trends. We use the latest tools and methods to ensure your assets align with market expectations. We have developed a scheme that allows you to achieve high-quality results quickly. Our team of specialists creates high-quality photorealistic graphics for movies and commercials.

  • Games


    The visual style consistency is crucial for the user's immersion. Our team maintains style consistency, texture quality, and attention to detail, increasing your project's integrity. Thanks to our experience, you can trust us with visual effects and focus on the main priorities, leaving routine work to us. We assess your current infrastructure, find areas to improve, and develop individual solutions, whether a PC or a mobile game.

  • APPS


    Having an understanding of all the nuances of mobile engines, we can adapt graphics to any app. Our solutions can be easily implemented as your business evolves to meet your changing needs. Whether you need additional contractors or work through a painstaking process, we can be your right hand. Our flexible approach ensures we adapt to your requirements and provide the right solutions at the right time.

Why us?

We offer you Cost Efficiency:
Building your own modeling and texturing team can be costly due to recruitment, training, and equipment costs.
Outsourcing eliminates these overheads, allowing you to access the best talent without the financial burden.

  • Tailored Outsourcing Solutions

    As a dedicated outsourcing company, we have a team of skilled professionals specializing exclusively in modeling and texturing for the cinema and gaming industries.

  • Global Talent Access

    As an outsourcing company, we can tap into a global talent pool, ensuring that you're working with the best professionals in the field, regardless of geographical boundaries. We're accustomed to working under deadlines and can provide rapid turnaround times without compromising quality.

  • Scalability

    Whether you need a few assets or an entire library textured and modeled, we can handle projects of varying scales. Our flexibility ensures that we can accommodate your needs as your project evolves.

  • Faster Turnaround

    We're accustomed to working under deadlines and can provide rapid turnaround times without compromising quality.

  • Platform Optimization

    Our expertise extends to optimizing assets for various platforms, ensuring seamless performance across different devices and consoles. This compatibility enhances user experiences and engagement.

Our Tools

  • Arnoid


  • Ford F-150

    Ford F-150

  • Knights suit

    Knights suit

  • Lion sculpture

    Lion sculpture

  • Hurricane Mk I

    Hurricane Mk I

  • Abandoned room

    Abandoned room

  • SM_M4


  • ISS IS2

    ISS IS2

  • T-Rex


  • Warthog


  • HK_P30L


  • Wooden Wagon

    Wooden Wagon

  • Furniture set

    Furniture set

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